I am an ardent researcher hoping to learn something new each day and contribute to the community. I currently work in SetuServ, a startup based in Chicago. I work as the Research Assistant here purusing research papers to understand them and try to get out new products.



Summer Research Internship, Dr. Sathya Peri, Associate Professor, IITH

I worked in a funded research project under Dr. Sathya Peri developing Software Transactional Memory (STM) algorithms which are convenient interface for programmer to access shared memory. Developed efficient middleware based on multi-version transactional memory system for multi-core systems. Along with this I worked on Concurrent Data Structures focusing on linked list which was also used to test the performance of the STM. Implemented Lazy linked list to improve the operations/sec unit of the threads running concurrently. This work has already been accepted as work under progress and is being submitted to a conference next month.

Teaching Assistant, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

I took a formal appointment as a teaching assistant for Parallel and Distributed Computing and Operating Systems for 1.5 years. The work involved conducting tutorials, grading assignments and providing assistance during practical sessions which helped me strengthen my concepts. It also included conducting extra tutorials for answering queries regarding concepts and assignments. During this time, I also started taking extra classes for girls to help them perform better.

Strand Life Sciences

I joined a team to build a real-time visualization website from scratch and deploy it in StrandOmics. The website, which was developed using Angular JS, MySQL, Html, CSS, and Java, is now being used by Strand Life’s staff for gaining insights into data. The involvement tremendously improved my coding skills. It was also a hand-on practical experience in industrial product development and developed my ability to work within large project teams.

SenSen Networks

I worked with Prof. Subash Challa, the CEO & Founder of SenSen Networks. I developed an application which detects objects in images using python, OpenCV. It taught me the novelty of using machines and their parallel computing abilities using NVIDA CUDA architectures, to analyze patterns in real time.

nvision, Techfest Manager

I led a team of 45 core members and 200 volunteers to organize over 50 events across various domains in 2014-15. It was the highest turnout in the history of IITH.